About Us – Holiday Cottages to Rent in France

Gites Le Bisson is nestled in the beautiful countryside of Lower Normandy in northern France. We discovered our gem just a few short years ago, when we began to realise that this part of the world was where we wanted to spend our days.

We spent months renovating our crumbling, yet still serenely beautiful, outbuildings. This was a huge undertaking, as although we wanted to create great spaces for our guests and friends, we also were extremely careful to preserve the wonderful character that was still largely in evidence, even after years of neglect by the previous owners.

Gites Le Bisson was born in 2016 with the opening of our first holiday cottage, Papillons-1 bed gite 

Jonty de Veille, our three-bedroomed, comfy, spacious house of generous proportions opened Aug 2017

You can see it here.

Our Motivation

We have been travelling all over France for years; when our eldest children were young, as a couple, and with our youngest son.


We liked to roam the country, and as lovers of very good food, were always spending hours looking for great restaurants – not just the Michelin-starred ones, but the little diamonds here and there with amazing chefs that few people know about.

Our travels often involved overnight stays, and we have spent many a night in a hotel or a B&B.


What we really wanted was a self-contained, self-catering holiday cottage, where we could relax and be ourselves, let the children run around and generally do our own thing for a single night.


This was rarely easy, as often, holiday cottages to rent in France are for a minimum of a week.


So, when we began to think about creating our very own holiday cottages to rent in France, offering this one-night stopover service became one of our priorities.

Ready to Book?

Papillons was created especially for people like us when we were on our own, searching for the perfect property, or the perfect dinner.


It is cosy, comfortable and has everything you need to enjoy your stay – OK, we did add a little bed, in case there may be three…

Take a look at Papillons here.

Gites Le Bisson in Lower Normandy

Today, now we are open to receive guests, we live on site and are living our dream in the beautiful countryside of Lower Normandy.


We are a friendly family, and look forward to meeting all our guests, whether we have met before or not.


We would love to meet you, for a single night, for a week, or for an entire month, at Gites Le Bisson.

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