How to Relax on Holiday - French Gîtes with Pools

If you are the type of person who likes to relax on holiday, then you must have considered French gîtes with pools for your next well-earned break from the day-to-day. France is a wonderful place to take a holiday, and is easily-accessible from all the major ports along the south coast of the UK. French gîtes are holiday cottages let by the owners, who typically live on site. See our previous post about gîtes here. French gîtes with pools are numerous and widespread; many owners having pools installed for themselves, as well as making them available for guests. Gites Le Bisson – French gîtes with a pool! Here at Gites Le Bisson, we wanted just that! We wanted to be able to make use of a pool

Tourist Attractions Near Gites Le Bisson - Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel is located just off the coast of northern France (600 metres), in Normandy, and is the twin of Saint Michael’s Mount in Cornwall. Just like its English counterpart, Mont Saint-Michel is a national landmark, instantly recognisable, and visited by approximately 3 million tourists every year. The 247-acre island commune lies at the mouth of the Couesnon river and hosts a population of just 44 people (correct in 2009). Historical significance Mont Saint-Michel has boasted strategic fortifications for thousands of years, and has been home to a monastery since the 8th Century AD. Today, the ancient fortifications can still be seen, in addition to the clear hierarchy set by the mo

Finding the Perfect French Holiday Gites - A Beginners Guide

If you had thought you might like to book French holiday gîtes for your break this year, then you have stumbled upon the right place. Never done it before? No problem! Here’s a beginner’s guide. Firstly, what is a gîte? Let us point you in the direction of our previous blog post of the same title, where we outline the differences and give you the heads up! Just quickly, though, a gîte can be described as a self-contained holiday cottage, classified as such dependent upon the location of the owner – if your owner lives on site or very close by, then they are available to – according to the French – give you a warm welcome to their property. (Some of the French ways are beautifully quaint). If

Don't Pay Over the Odds for Holiday Lets in France

Holidaying in France is super-popular for tourists from the UK, and all over Europe. Finding holiday lets in France is made easy by huge, web-based agencies with thousands of properties advertised in every corner of the country. However, these agencies charge commission, naturally, as this is how the vast majority of them make their money. Holiday let owners may pay for advertising, and pay up to 15% of the charged rates for the pleasure of having their cottages and gites booked through the agency. Now, you may be beginning to see how and why you can pay more by booking via an agency. So, what is the answer? How can you make sure you don’t pay over the odds for your holiday lets in France? T

Holidays Advice - Self Catering in France

Many thousands of travellers choose self catering in France, as it offers families greater flexibility for their holidays. But what does the term self-catering actually mean? A self-catering holiday involves looking after oneself in terms of cooking, basically – making one’s own meals – preparing one’s own food. Independent self-catering holidays make for flexible and inexpensive family travels, but there are a few tips you need to bear in mind to make sure you don’t end up making life harder for yourselves. Lets take a closer look at self catering in France Select holiday accommodation that is well-equipped Choosing a holiday cottage in France that has a fully-equipped kitchen will definite

Looking for Short Break Holiday Cottages in France?

Your search for short break holiday cottages in France is over! Gites Le Bisson is a family-run business set in the beautiful countryside of Lower Normandy, where you and your family can rest your heads for just one night if that is all you need. Finding short break holiday cottages in France can be tough, as many gîte owners prefer to rent their cottages for longer spells, often a full week. Here at Gites Le Bisson, we know, from extensive travelling experience, just how hard it can be to find a comfortable, self-contained holiday cottage for a single night or two-night stay. Sure, there are hundreds of hotels and B&B’s that will cater for you, but a pretty holiday cottage, where you can pl

Large Holiday Cottages to Rent in France for Families

Looking for large holiday cottages to rent in France? Look no further! Gites Le Bisson can accommodate up to 12 people in comfort, offering plenty of space for lots of people to move around, yet still providing sanctuary for those that want it. Our holiday cottages are available to rent all-year-round, and we welcome parties, groups and families, offering a discount for exclusive rental. About our holiday cottages Jonty de Veille is our large holiday cottage, available to rent for up to 9 people. With three, generous bedrooms; two spacious doubles and a fantastic bunk room with four full-sized beds, Jonty de Veille is ideal for two families with children, or a group of friends. Papillons is

What is the Best Way to Book Self Catering Holidays in France

Many thousands of holidaymakers prefer self-catering holidays in France, as they offer greater flexibility to come-and-go as you please, and there are no worries about facing a menu that may not suit everyone’s taste. There are many booking agencies that will provide links to holiday cottages located in every corner of France, most with the facility to book online. Although the major agencies are easy to find online, they do not always offer the best deals, and remember, there is always a commission fee. Booking direct with gîte owners provides guests with the chance to find out more about their self catering holiday properties, and an opportunity to chat to the hosts about their stay. Addit

Explore North France from Gites Le Bisson

Gites Le Bisson is situated in the Lower Normandy region of France, and thus offers guests the opportunity to explore the most famous tourist attractions of the region. Take a look at the video below - Rick Steves Europe – and take a virtual tour before your real one! The beaches of Normandy are less than an hour away from our holiday cottages and provide a fascinating day out. With museums, ruins, abandoned tanks in rural fields and miles of beaches, not to mention the gift shops and cafes, there is something to see for everyone. About Gites Le Bisson Gites Le Bisson is a newly-established collection of pretty, comfortable holiday cottages for couples, families and groups, with facilities t

Le Bisson Holiday Cottages in France

Looking for holiday cottages in France? Be prepared to be blown away by more than 1,500,000 search results! Finding the right holiday cottages for your well-earned break from the day-to-day stresses of life can become a minefield. Le Bisson holiday cottages in France, uniquely located on the borders of several regions, offer holiday-makers, house-hunters and travellers a great opportunity to explore all the regions of northern France from a comfortable, clean and convenient base. Our holiday cottages are thoughtfully presented to deliver home-from-home comforts for your self-catering holiday, including: full-sized cooking facilities fridge-freezer microwave wood-burning fires dishwasher – Jo

Gîte Holidays in France. What is a Gîte?

When searching for a holiday cottage in France, you will undoubtedly have come across the word ‘gîte’ more than once. The term is common in France, yet only seasoned French travellers may know what it actually represents. So, what is a gîte? A gîte is a holiday cottage. In addition, traditionally-speaking, it is quite a specific type of holiday cottage – one that is furnished and ready for a self-catering holiday. Another specific requirement of the gîte is that the owner lives nearby – usually in close enough proximity to provide a welcome party and assistance if required. Most commonly, gîtes in France are housed in outbuildings located on the land of the owner, often in renovated barns, s

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