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Gites Le Bisson is uniquely situated on the borders of four regions of northern France – Manche, Brittany, Normandy and the Pays de la Loire.

Our location delivers the opportunity for our guests to explore the regions fully, from a clean and comfortable base camp in Lower Normandy.

The regions of northern France hold dear some of the most famous tourist attractions, from Mont Saint Michel and the World War II beaches of Normandy, to the incredible Les Machines de L’ile in the southern city of Nantes.

Lets take a closer look at some of the best days out in ours and neighbouring regions.


Make Gites Le Bisson your base, and enjoy some great days out.

Les Machines de L’ile

Les Machines de L'ile | Places to See from Gites Le Bisson

Situated in the city of Nantes, just a couple of hours from Gites Le Bisson, Les Machines de L’ile offers an amazing day out for all the family.


Hailed as being at the ‘crossroads of Jules Verne’s invented worlds,’ the projects are truly breathtaking, on an unprecedented scale.

Mont Saint Michel

Visit the Mont Saint Michel Website | Places to See from Gites Le Bisson

Twinned with St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, Mont Saint Michel occupies a rocky outcrop at the mouth of the Couesnon river, approximately one kilometre from the northwest coast of France near Avranches.


With a historical presence since the 8th Century AD, the 100-hectare island community is well worth a visit, offering a full day out for all the family.

World War II Normandy Beaches

More About the Beaches of Normandy | Days Out from Gites Le Bisson

The Normandy Beaches of the D-Day landings attract millions of tourists every year, often for the D-Day commemorative anniversary tributes, held annually, and well attended by veterans and their families.


The beaches of Gold, Juno, Sword, Utah and perhaps the most famous, Omaha, are all open to the public, and the entire region is littered with memorabilia and museums. The beaches and cliffs can be explored during a day out, or over a weekend.


Find Out More About Jublains | Roman Ruins Near Gites Le Bisson

The small town of Jublains lies in the countryside of Mayenne, and was called Noviodonum during Roman times. Today, the remains of the fortress are open to the public and house a museum full of finds and artefacts.


Separate from this complex, and free of charge to roam, are the stunning amphitheatre, still used by the villagers today, the Church and excavated bath house complex, and a beautiful Temple, located a short drive from the village centre, where one can sit and enjoy a picnic.


Almost every day of the week in France sees a local market in the towns and villages, and no holiday to France is complete without a visit to at least one.


Some of these markets are famously large, and sell a mind-boggling variety of local vegetables, fruit, cheese and meat, in addition to locally-made souvenirs and clothing stalls.


Market day in France is a big deal, and sometimes the entire town will close off access to accommodate the stallholders. If you fancy a morning out at a local market, chat to us and we will be happy to recommend some for you.

Religious Sites

Visit the Pontmain Website | Religious Days Out Near Gites Le Bisson

In the department of the Mayenne, two famous religious sites are located, and well worth a visit.


The town of Pontmain boasts the famous Basilica, built near the site of the apparition of the Virgin Mary to a group of local children in the late 1800s.


Also the site of an apparition of Our Lady, is the spa town of Bagnolles des Orne. Both towns are on the Pilgrim Trail, and receive many thousands of religious visitors from all over the world.

Le Mans

A Day Out in Le Mans | Find Out More

The famous city of Le Mans is located less than an hours’ drive from Gites Le Bisson, and offers a full day out for the family, whether they are fans of motor racing or not. The race track is inescapable, as it dominates the city, but also Le Mans has some great shopping, parks and museums for the non-petrol-motivated visitor.


Visit the Mayenne Tourist Website | Days Out Near Gites Le Bisson

Gites Le Bisson is beautifully situated for enthusiastic walkers to absorb the stunning countryside. Throughout the regions, rivers provide the ideal setting for some of the most satisfying walks in Europe that will keep you busy for entire days.


With wide towpaths, picnic areas and interesting chateaus, boats, houses and gem-like cafes to see along the way, walking in the Mayenne can prove to be a rewarding experience for hikers and bikers.

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